In addition to a broad selection of stock toppings and chopped candy, TR Toppers also offers custom chopping and packaging services. We will be happy to evaluate custom chops of our existing products or chop your own unique products to your specifications. We can package in sizes ranging from individual serving packets to large bulk containers. TR Toppers also offers redistribution and storage of third party products for delivery anywhere within the continental United States. We send out shipments on temperature controlled trucks weekly to all destinations. It is important to know who you are buying from. TR Toppers is committed to producing superior quality products and services that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. A key to our success is our Food Safety Program. Our facility is regularly inspected approved by Silliker, a leading internationally accredited provider of food safety, quality and nutrition services audits. Our plant is also certified Kosher. Minimum volumes apply to all custom manufacturing and distribution services. TR Toppers welcomes orders from anywhere in the world. Product availability, shipping rates and fees may vary depending on final destination of order. Limitations on where and whether TR Toppers products ship is contingent upon government rules and regulations in each country. For more information regarding international orders, please contact a TR Topper's representative.