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Who We Are

TR Toppers delivers superior customer service and high quality toppings at an affordable price. Dessert transformation culminates with an over-the-top finish when you add any of our 200 plus toppings and inclusions!

Our Vision

What We Do

TR Toppers has an extensive product offering including branded or non-branded candies, baked goods, cookie dough, nuts, berries, malt and an assortment of chips and other items. Add fun to your ice cream, yogurt, and other dessert creations!

Our History

TR Toppers, a processor and packager of branded and non-branded candies, baked goods, and other toppings, was founded in 1991 by Tim, Greg, and Bob Rode. Previously, the Rode brothers owned and operated yogurt shops where they identified the concept of enhancing frozen yogurt desserts by adding chopped candy toppings, the first being Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups.


Popularity of the concept developed into the formation of TR Toppers, Inc. as the brothers began to chop, package and sell the candy pieces in convenient 10 pound cases. Their first customer experienced huge success. Soon thereafter, two prominent national chains added chopped Reese’s® to their offerings. With the vast success of this one product, came the initiative to offer other brand name chopped candy toppings, including M&M’s®, Snickers®, Butterfinger®, and Heath®.


In 1994, TR Toppers moved from Odgen, Utah to Pueblo, Colorado, to be more centrally located, offering freight and shipping efficiencies. In 1997, a state-of-the-art plant was built, which continues to expand to accommodate rapid growth. With a large network of distributors nationwide, quick service restaurant chains of all sizes purchase TR Toppers’ products. Other channels serviced include ice cream companies, yogurt shops, baked-goods manufacturers, and institutional foodservice.


Much of the success of TR Toppers is attributed to excellent customer service, including on-time delivery and shipping capability.